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Are you a Non-Native English speaker who finds that your accent, pronunciation or elocution doesn't always correctly convey or express what you are trying to say?

Or do you find that the clarity and sound of your spoken-English makes you feel self-conscious when speaking to others?

Or perhaps you find people frequently asking you to repeat yourself due to a misunderstanding in your pronunciation?

Working on your Pronunciation, Accent and English Elocution will address all these matters and more.  I teach a very scientific and practical method of achieving a more British sound to your speech, by providing a very in-depth analysis and consequent exercises for improving your accent, pronunciation and elocution.

In an age where technological communication has become more rapid and instantaneous through Youtube, Zoom, Facebook, Skype, it has become ever more important to carry a maximum clarity, impact and expression in everything you say to your audience.

So start your lessons today, and never feel misunderstood or unconfident about speaking English again.  London Pronunciation School provides you friendly and supportive, but intensely goal-driven 1:1 learning.  

You can read more about my experience and credentials in the About section, or watch/read my Testimonials here.

Sanjay A. Sharma. Founder of London Pronunciation School.

what is pronunciation, accent & elocution?


The clarity of your



The tone of your



The musicality of your spoken-English

London Pronunciation School focuses on all 3 of these pillars of spoken-English in tandem with one another, to help you achieve a more British sound to your speech.

what will you achieve?


Avoid any misunderstanding when communicating

with others


Sound more impactful

to others in your personal

and professional life


Calibrate your use of spoken English with the real you

how it works


We prefer new clients to take a single first-lesson with us, before signing up to one of our signatures Pricing packages.

This is to enable both you and us to determine if we are the right party for you.

can be arranged either via

a complimentary Zoom-call in which we ask you to read a passage of text, or if you prefer you can send us in an audio clip of you reading the text in your own time.  Click below to arrange this first session.


Following the first assessment, we will create for you a tailored action-plan specifying your exact pronunciation needs*. 

We offer 3, 5 or 10-lesson course structures, depending on your specific needs. See our Pricing packages.

Once you have booked, you will be sent a link to our online booking-system, from which you can select a time-slot during our opening hours.

* There is no obligation to buy the 3, 5 or 10-package courses if you decide not to proceed after the 1st lesson.  If you do proceed, the cost of the 1st individual lesson will be deducted from the course-price.



We will then get cracking on your pronunciation!  Our teaching process consists of:

1. Providing you a base-understand of how the mouth's speech organs work to create sound.

2. Strengthening the specific muscle-groups in your mouth which improve your target-needs.

3. Rigorous step-by-step exercises, guided  by detailed feedback and a recording of each session.

4. An introduction to basic IPA Phonetics, to help you navigate new vocabulary in the long-term.

our 1:1 zoom coaching

  • Zoom 1:1 coaching from the comfort of your own space.  All you need is your laptop, a quiet place where we can hear each other, and stable wifi-connection. 

  • [Please note that in-person coaching has been paused until the coronavirus situation clears].

  • Lessons last 1 hour, and are supplemented with worksheets which we provide before each lesson.  You will be assigned homework between sessions - which though not mandatory to complete - are highly recommended that you work on finishing between sessions to maximize and accelerate your learning.


  • Payment is required 24 hours before the start of any first lesson, and we're happy to reschedule at short notice if required (i.e. no cancellation fee) as we appreciate people's busy schedules. Payments are to be made by bank transfer.

  • It is recommended that you join the lessons from your laptop, rather than Tablet or Phone, as we will be sharing interactive material with you via Zoom screen-share. But if you have dyslexia or difficulty reading from the screen, that's not a problem - just let us know before the session.


pricing packages

Book a 1st


3 x 1hr lessons via Zoom

Recommended for those with already a strong level of pronunciation proficiency that want basic fine-tuning. 


  • Worksheets and tailored homework-exercises.

  • You will be provided a Zoom recording of all sessions.

5 x 1hr lessons via Zoom

Recommended for those seeking to make a rapid and distinguishable improvement to their pronunciation.


  • Worksheets and tailored homework-exercises.

  • You will be provided a Zoom recording of all sessions.

  • Free bonus 30min follow-up call after the 5th lesson to track your progress.

10 x 1hr lessons via Zoom

Recommended for those seeking to make more deeper, detailed and significant adjustments to their pronunciation.


  • Worksheets and tailored homework exercises.

  • You will be provided a Zoom recording of all sessions.

  • Free bonus 30min follow-up call after the 10th lesson to track your progress.

  • Whatsapp free Pronunciation Q&A service for 6 months

When you purchase a package, you will have deducted the cost of the first lesson (as the first lesson counts towards that package).  We suggest taking only a single 1st lesson, to ensure you are happy with your package-investment and plan. 

Payment is to be made via bank transfer 24 hours before first class. If you need to reschedule at short notice we do not apply cancellation fees - but please do let us know as early as possible if you need to reschedule.

You can upgrade choice of package any time at no extra cost (i.e. you would only get charged the incremental-difference in package-cost).

"The exercises that Sanjay teach are very helpful in improving pronunciation. With each lesson it is becoming easier to pronounce words correctly. I also found his explanations about which words to emphasise in a sentence very useful. Sanjay is very attentive to the needs that I expressed and tailored the session to help me achieve what I wanted to. I'm very happy with the progress I have made so far".


Laura, Lithuania

"Excellent demonstrations. Sanjay is passionate about what he is doing. Exceeded my expectations".

Rajiv, Nigeria

"Working with Sanjay was an extremely pleasant experience. He brings to the table a level of knowledge and detail beyond what one may typically imagine. He is able to quickly identify flaws in my speech and suggest exercises which target these flaws. Beyond his qualifications, he was very professional in his client services. Would highly recommend".

Logan, Sinapore

"Very professional and valuable. It was a very good lesson, thank you. I look forward to the following lessons!"


Angelo, Italy

"I've been student with Sanjay for a month now. I'm really pleased with how I've progressing - and definitely have noticed improvement in my elocution and speaking overall. I really value the detail and preparation he puts into every lesson".

Lara, Indian


"Been trying a few teachers. So far, Sanjay is the best for me. Very passionate, kind, knowledgeable & he is just so good at teaching pronunciation. Must try if you want to improve your English pronunciation. He is awesome!!!!"

Amber, Malaysia

"Cannot recommend enough. I am already a returning customer, and will be again. Sanjay has been helping me (I'm Italian) with the English lyrics of the songs I wrote and are about to professionally record. Not only he takes care of the pronunciation, but also on the word-stress in the phrase, not to mention the overall expression. A+"

Dimitri, Italy