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We prefer new clients to take our 15min free assessment before investing your money with us.

This can be arranged either via a complimentary Zoom-call in which we ask you to read a passage of text, or if you prefer you can send us in an audio clip of you reading the text in your own time.  Click below to arrange this free assessment.


Following the free assessment, we will create for you an action-plan outlining exactly which areas of your accent we recommend you work on. 

Our teaching-process consists of:

  1. Helping you understand how the mouth organs work

  2. Exercising the right muscles that address your target-areas

  3. Practising targeted sounds and speech, aided by thorough guided feedback

  4. Understanding basic IPA phonetics to help you self-navigate in the long-term



We offer a 5 or 10-lesson course structure, or alternatively Pay As You Go. 


Please see our section on 'Pricing'.

Once you have booked, you will be sent a link to our Appointlet Calendar, from which you can self-book yourself a 1hr slot, during any of our working-times of 10am-7pm, 7 days a week.

our 1:1 zoom coaching

  • Zoom 1:1 coaching from the comfort of your own space.  All you need is your laptop, a quiet place where we can hear each other, and wifi-connection.  (Skype or Google Home can be used as alternative to Zoom if you prefer).

  • [Please note that in-person coaching has been paused until the coronavirus situation clears].

  • Lessons last 1 hour, and are supplemented with worksheets which we provide before each lesson.  You will be assigned homework between sessions - which though not mandatory, we highly recommend you complete in order to accelerate your learning.

  • We are generally able to accommodate lessons 7 days a week, at hourly slots between 10am to 9pm each day. 


  • Payment is required 24 hours before the start of any 5- or 10- lesson course or PAYG, and we're happy to reschedule at short notice if required (i.e. no cancellation fee) as we appreciate people's busy schedules. Payments are to be made by bank transfer.

  • The first 15min assessment is free, so no prior payment is required for this.  Please click the 'Book now' button and email us a 1st and 2nd choice of your preferred time.  Alternatively, if you prefer to send us in a voice clip in your own time.

Why Accent Coaching?

Also known as Accent Softening or Accent Reduction, our clients come to us with a variety of needs and goals, from a diverse spectrum of nationalities. 

Commonly we are approached by people working customer-facing jobs, for whom absolute clarity of communication is essential to avoid any possible misinterpretation from their clients in what is being said. 

Additionally we take on international students for whom learning the English language has been a lifelong passion, and they are enthusiastic about attaining a more natural tonality and pronunciation of Standard English to enrich their experience of the spoken language.


Pay As You Go option if you prefer to pay for each lesson individually


1 x 1hr lesson via Zoom

Recommended for those seeking a rapid impact on their accent


5 x 1hr lessons via Zoom

[All 5 lessons must be taken within 6 months of first-lesson]

Recommended for those seeking to make detailed adjustments to their accent


10 x 1hr lessons via Zoom

[All 10 lessons must be taken within 12 months of first-lesson]

You can upgrade choice of package any time at no extra cost (i.e. you would only get charged the incremental-difference in package-cost).

We are generally able to accommodate lessons 7 days a week, at hourly slots between 10am to 9pm each day.  Once you have booked you will be sent a link to my calendar, from which you can select a time (or reschedule if you need).   

Payment is to be made via bank transfer 24 hours before first class. If you need to reschedule at short notice we won't charge cancellation fee - but do please let us know as early as possible.


It is recommended that prior to taking any paid-lessons with us you complete a free 15min Zoom assessment-call with us first.  This is a no-obligations call, purely to ensure that you are happy with our approach and to provide you full transparency of our way of working before investing your money with us.  


During this call you will be asked to read from a passage of text which we provide to you.  Or if you prefer to record this passage in your own time you can send it to us as an audio-clip.  Please click the link below to arrange this free assessment.



"I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to improve how easily others can understand your spoken English.  I particularly like that you teach things in small steps, which I believe makes learning faster otherwise it would feel overwhelming to receive so much new aspects of information at once".

Aditi, Indian, Deloitte Senior Manager

"I wanted to become much more confident in my own voice, and even though I've always been a confident speaker in my native language, I always felt a bit hesitant about conveying the wrong thing in English by mispronounciation.  My 10 lessons with you have given me a detailed understand of what differentiates my own native accent to standard English, and this alone has turned my communication around, because I can now navigate my way around saying what I want to others".


Matthias, German, Chartered Accountant

"As someone who moved to the UK with my partner only 3 years ago, I found speaking English in the very authentic home of the language to be a bit daunting at first - people would initially perceive me as ‘quiet’ when I first came here – even though I’m not a quiet person at all in my native Italian!  But lessons with you have made me feel a lot more confident about my voice, and everything I say now feels to me like it's much crisper and clearer in sound".

Cristiana, Italian, Wizzair Cabin Crew

"What I find so great about lessons with you is that you make it very easy to understand and follow step-by-step.  And enjoyable, so even though I do your classes in evenings it always feels like a fun leisure-activity rather than more strenuous hard work!"


Alda, Portugese, Sales Manager, Oil & Gas

"Though I’ve always considered myself an accomplished public speaker, I feel as though my 5 lessons with you have taken me up a level.  Because even though I never had any problem in being loud enough, I would get frustrated with how often people would ask me to repeat what I had just said because they didn't understand me first time.  My lessons with you have made everything I say sound more effortlessly clearer (especially my 'R' sounds) - I know this because people have stopped asking me to repeat myself any more!"


Eddie, Chinese, Student at London Business School

"I have just completed 5 lessons with English Accent Coaching, and already I've noticed how much more easily I seem to be heard and understood now by native English speakers in London".


Elena, Russian, Freelance Journalist

"I made the goal at the start of this year that I wanted to have much better impact in the client sales-pitches which I'm often asked to do with my firm.  Improving my English articulation in these 6 sessions with you has made me sound much more impactful, engaging and charismatic to my customers - and it certainly has been picked up on by fellow members of my pitch teams".


Pierre, French, Director, McKinsey & Company


What are the usual reasons for which one wants to work on their accent?

The most common reasons why our clients approach us for working on their accent are the following:

  • You get misunderstood in what you're trying to say to people in English, either in your personal or professional life or both.  This can feel especially frustrating when you speaking via telecommunication such as Telephone, Zoom or Skype.

  • You lack confidence in public-speaking or meeting scenarios, because you feel self-conscious about people not perceiving you correctly or understanding what you are trying to say - for example, your native 'R' sound gets confused with the English-sounding 'W' - and so if for example if you wanted to say "problem", it ends up sounding like "pwoblem" - quite obviously a problem :-)

  • There are certain aspects of your speech which lead you to stumble and hesitate on what you are trying to rhythmically say.  A common symptom of this is if you find yourself "Urr"-ing and pausing a lot.

  • You have studied English from a young age, and for a lifelong love of the English language/literature, you seek to fully embody the tonality of the classic-English sound in its original form.

Will I lose my current accent after lessons with you?

No.  Because our objective is not to make you lose your current accent, but rather make you more understandable, clear and confident in whatever your natural authentic accent is.  This is achieved by identifying and working on the particular vowel and consonants which may currently be leading to you feeling misunderstood or verbally-stifled. 

Will I sound like a native English speaker after lessons with you?

Whilst some of our students do become more native-sounding after lessons with us, it certainly is not our end goal.  If anything, we prefer you to keep your native accent, because it provides the authenticity and identity of where you are from as a person.


The only scenario you would ever really need to adopt a fully English accent is if you were asked to play a very quintessentially English character in theatre - so we really don't suggest trying to "sound more English" unless you are genuinely intending to play the next Darcy in an upcoming Pride & Prejudice!

How many lessons will I need to take?

The average number of lessons that our past students have taken with us works out at just over 5 each.  So 5 seems to be the magic number in terms of how many lessons one usually needs to impact their accent. 


For this reason, our most popular course is the 5-lesson course, which to date has been taken by 54% of our students.  A further 25% of students have taken the 10-lesson course (usually those wanting further fine-tuning of the progress they've made after the first 5), and the remaining have paid on a per-lesson basis.  Remember - we offer you the option to upgrade choice of package at any time at no extra cost (i.e. you only pay the incremental difference in the cost of package) - to avoid the stress of having to make the right-decision upfront.

Why do you offer the 15min complimentary Zoom assessment, and do I have to take it before purchasing a paid-lesson?

You do not have to take the 15min assessment before taking a paid-lesson with us, but we strongly recommend that you do so - to give you the upfront transparency of seeing how we work and if our teaching suits you - before making any of your investment with us. 

It also means that 15min of your paid lesson-time gets saved - because we would need to carry out an assessment of your accent currently as an initial-step to draw out the best personalised action-plan for you.  If you wanted, we would be happy to merge the 15min assessment and first lesson together, i.e. so that your first-lesson works out at 1hr 15min (even though you are paying for 1hr of time).

What happens in the 1:1 coaching lessons?

After conducting the free 15min initial-assessment, in which we pinpoint the most marked areas of pronunciation that we believe you should focus on, we then follow the following sequence of steps in our teaching:

1.      Help you understand how the mouth organs work in tandom together to create sound.

2.      Exercise the relevant muscles which will most significantly impact your particular pronunciation.

3.      Practise with you the creation of correct-sound in your speech, whilst providing you with thorough guided feedback throughout.

4.      Teach you basic IPA phonetics, so that you can self-navigate for yourself in the long-term on how to achieve the right pronunciations in the English language.

How often will I need to practice?

The general rule-of-thumb I give my to my students is 15min a day, for the first one-week atleast.  Beyond that, 2-3 times a week should be enough to see a significant difference in your clarity of speech.  Frequency of the exercises is the more important factor than how-long you spend per day.  Which is I suggest 15min workouts - so that it feels manageable to stick to every day, or atleast several times a week. 

How will you manage to affect my accent such a short timeframe?

We believe strongly in applying the '80-20' (from the book "The 80/20 Principle" by Richard Koch) in our way of teaching, and so we first rapidly seek to identify the key 20% of your accent which will impact over 80% of your spoken-communications. 

This enables then enables us to provide the most rapid and impactful learning in as short of space of time, rather than go through the full Phonetics of each and every English-language sound (which could be an entire degree-course in itself!)  On average, each student takes 5 lessons with us - they usually find this is enough to have the impact they want.

Obviously  it does also require a level of commitment from you, the student, to put in the work between sessions - which is why we suggest spacing your lessons with enough time apart to enable you to devote enough time on the homework exercises we give to you. 

​Is this a Speech Therapy / Phonetics course?

No.  Speech Therapy and Phonetics is a completely separate expertise to what we teach in Accent Coaching.  Whilst there is some overlap (e.g. we do teach you very basic-level IPA Phonetics in order to help you self-navigate English pronunciation for yourself long-term), we consider our area of expertise to be Accent only.

Do you coach British students with regional accents?

No.  Because as mentioned earlier, our end-goal is not to change the authenticity of your natural-accent, but rather to help you be better understood and clearer in your articulation.  So if you are from a regional part of the UK where you've lived in your whole life, you likely will not have a problem in being understood in English.  However, if you feel as though your regional-accent is so strong that it creates difficulty in people understanding you, then yes - this is a scenario where our lessons may be suitable for you.

Can I do Zoom coaching with you from internationally?

Yes! Infact, most of our students are physically-based outside the United Kingdom, ranging from China to the USA.  As long as you are able to take your classes within our offered-hours of 10am-9pm GMT (7 days a week), all you then need is a good internet-connection and you are good to go from anywhere in the world!

Can I use Skype or Google Home instead of Zoom?

Yes - just mention it before your first lesson.

What happens if there is connectivity or wifi issues during the Zoom? 

The last thing we want is our students stressing over technology!  We use ultrafast broadband, so technology shouldn't be a problem on our end.  But we appreciate that not all our students will have the luxury of great quality-internet that we have.  And so we always schedule our lessons with 30min leeway in-between - so that even if there is some connectivity-issues, we have enough flexibility with our time to still give you the full-hour you paid for.


However, if connectivity becomes a recurrent issue in more than 2 lessons, we may then suggest that you pause taking any more lessons until you get your wifi-connectivity sorted out, otherwise it can become disruptive in your learning.

Do you offer any discounts?

As gesture of goodwill we are currently offering 15% discount to anyone who feels their finances have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.  We won't need any evidence - just mention it to when you contact us.

Do you offer money-back refund guarantee?

Satisfaction of our clients is imperative, which is why we particularly recommend first doing the free 15min assessment with us - i.e. before you invest in anything paid with us - this is to ensure you are fully happy with your investment once you have sampled our way of teaching. 


But, if after your 1st paid-lesson you are still not satisfied, we will refund the full course-costs of the full amount you have paid.  This would have to be requested in writing, via email, before you have progressed into taking a 2nd paid-lesson.

Is there any cancellation fee if I need to reschedule at short notice (i.e. less than 24 hours beforehand)?

No - because we appreciate that the majority of our clients are fitting their lessons with us within their busy work schedules.  Having worked in the corporate sector myself, I am patient about my clients' needing to sometimes reschedule at short notice.  However, if the short-notice cancellation happens on 3 occasions or more, then I may need to consider applying cancellation fee - but I would always give you any such advance-warning of it first.

Do you teach to children?

No.  We teach only to 18+ students.



Founded by Sanjay Verma, and assisted by his Head Coach Jason, we are two professionally trained British actors, each of us born and based in London with native English accents.  We both commonly share a lifelong love of language, theatre, and literature, and believe strongly in the extraordinary power of good verbal-communication. 

Our friendship formed whilst we were undergraduates at Oxford University, having met each other through various productions within the university drama society. Since university we have both gone on to individually launch Acting careers, before coming together again to set up English Accent Coaching – because we have identified that now, more than ever, clear and articulate spoken language-skills are imperative as international communications have increased tenfold in the advent of Zoom, Teleconferences and global virtual-offices.

We bring together our years of voice and drama training, along with first-hand experience of working within the corporate sector in the city of London (Sanjay is an ex management consultant for Ernst & Young in the city of London), to provide our students the best possible training on their accent and voice, in a friendly and patient, but goal-driven manner.


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