Head Coach Sanjay A. Sharma is a professional Pronunciation, Accent and English Elocution, born and based in London.  With a lifelong love of language and theatre, he believes strongly in the extraordinary power of good verbal-communication in people's everyday personal and professional lives. 

His interest in speech and elocution began when he partook in dramatic productions at the University of Oxford.  He then pursued his passion for Acting beyond university, training professionally at the world famous Drama Studio London, being trained by some of the best Voice and Speech teachers in the world. 

Sanjay is also an ex management consultant for Ernst & Young in the city of London.  He has now combined his lifelong enthusiasm for theatre with his deep understanding of good business communication – to establish London Pronunciation School. 


Sustaining strong, clear and articulated verbal-skills is imperative in the face of the international-communication we face increasingly each day in the advent of Zoom, Teleconferences and Global Virtual Offices.

We provide our students the best possible training on their pronunciation, accent and elocution, to enable them to become more confident and grow in a friendly, patient, but goal-driven manner.