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pronunciation for business

What is pronunciation for business?

I provide bespoke Business Pronunciation coaching for organisations who wish to raise their employees' spoken Business-English to a level which allows them to optimally share their ideas with impact and accuracy to their customer. 

This is especially popular with organizations in which it is imperative to have effective daily-communication with an English-speaking customer-base – such as in Global Customer Services, IT Hubs, or Managed Service centres.

I have delivered my Business Accent Softening course to mid and large scale companies internationally, via both Workshops and 1:1 Executive coaching, to countries including India, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Turkey.

what will you achieve?

Clarity of Communication

Improved interactions

and relationships

with customers


in English

More confident

vocal-skillset among


International Understanding

Better rapport and understanding with

international dialects

our approach

We will be happy to discuss any of the below Packages:

  • Pronunciation Skills Workshop (All-day or Half-day versions available) - designed to provide a comprehensive 'quick fix' Pronunciation-improvement solution within a 8 hour or 4 hour workshop, within a classroom setting.  We have previously held these workshops on-site at client offices, but during the covid pandemic we are providing these via Zoom classes (with a maximum of 12 attendees per class).


  • Zoom 1:1 Executive-Coaching Programs - designed to increase the communication and impact of Non-Native English-speaking Executives.  We achieve this by addressing each individual's specific accent and articulation needs, delivered via detailed 1:1 sessions over Zoom.  This program is particularly popular amongst C-level board members, such as CEOs or Partners, for whom it carries extra importance to project an absolute clarity and openness of communication with their staff at all times, especially in their roles as public representatives of the firm.

If you would like to discuss these offerings, or learn what other bespoke training / coaching options we have that can help your business, please reach out to us via the Contact section below, stating your needs and goals in email - we would be happy to provide a complimentary half-hour call with you to map out your exact requirements.


contact, book, or just say hi!

For individual coaching: To book in your first-lesson, or ask any general questions, please email or drop me a line.  I look forward to speaking with you.  Payments are taken via Paypal.

For corporate enquires: If you wish to discuss how I can work with your business, I would be happy to discuss the various training packages/events I have available over a complimentary half-hour call.

Sanjay A. Sharma (Founder)

London Pronunciation School