What are the usual reasons for which one wants to work on their accent?

The most common reasons why our clients approach us for working on their accent are the following:

  • You get misunderstood in what you're trying to say to people in English, either in your personal or professional life or both.  This can feel especially frustrating when you speak via telecommunication such as Telephone, Zoom or Skype.

  • You lack confidence in public-speaking or meeting scenarios, because you feel self-conscious about people not perceiving you correctly or understanding what you are trying to say.

  • There are certain aspects of your speech which lead you to stumble and hesitate on what you are trying to rhythmically say.  

  • You have studied English from a young age, and wish to pursue a lifelong love passion for the English language to explore and fully embody its richness of classic sound.

Will I lose my current accent after lessons with you?

No.  Because our objective is not to make you lose your current accent, but rather make you more understandable, clear and confident in whatever your natural authentic accent is.  This is achieved by identifying and working on the particular vowel and consonants which may currently be leading to you feeling misunderstood or verbally-stifled. 

How many lessons will I need to take?

The average number of lessons that our students take with us is 5, i.e. our Standard Package.  This provides an impactful enough number of lessons to see real changes to your pronunciation.   Or if you are looking for a longer-term advancement to your pronunciation, we recommend our Premium Package of 10.  

What happens in the 1:1 coaching lessons?

After conducting an initial-assessment, I will pinpoint the most marked areas of pronunciation that you should focus on.  Then, we will follow the following sequence of steps in your teaching:

1.      Help you understand how the mouth organs work in tandom together to create spoken-English sounds.

2.      Exercise the relevant muscles which will most significantly impact your  pronunciation.

3.      Guide you through, at a detailed granular level, the exact creation of the correct-sounds we want to achieve in your speech, whilst providing you with thorough feedback throughout.  Each session will be recorded (on Zoom) - for you to again re-review in your own time.

4.      Teach you basic IPA phonetics, so that you can self-navigate for yourself in the long-term on how to achieve the right pronunciations in any English vocabulary.

​Is this a Speech Therapy / Phonetics course?

No.  Speech Therapy and Phonetics is a completely separate expertise to what we teach in Pronunciation Coaching.  Whilst there is some overlap (e.g. we do teach you very basic-level IPA Phonetics in order to help you self-navigate English pronunciation for yourself long-term), we focus on Pronunciation and Accent only.

Do you coach British students with regional accents?

No.  Because as mentioned earlier, our end-goal is not to change the authenticity of your natural-accent, but rather to help you be better understood and clearer in your articulation.  So if you are from a regional part of the UK where you've lived in your whole life, you likely will not have a problem in being understood in English.  However, if you feel as though your regional-accent is so strong that it creates difficulty in people understanding you, then yes - this is a scenario where our lessons may be suitable for you.

Can I conduct the Zoom coaching with you from internationally?

Yes! Infact, most of our students are based outside the United Kingdom, ranging from the US to China to Russia.  As long as you are able to take your classes within our operating hours, all you need is a good internet-connection and we are ready to go!

Can I use Skype instead of Zoom?

Yes - just mention it before your first lesson.

What happens if there is connectivity or wifi issues during the Zoom? 

The last thing we want is our students stressing out over technology!  We use ultrafast broadband, so technology shouldn't be a problem on our end.  But we appreciate that not all our students have the luxury of great quality internet-speed.  And so we always schedule our lessons with 15min leeway in-between - so that even if there is some connectivity-issues, we have enough flexibility on time to still give you the full-hour you paid for.


However, if connectivity becomes a recurrent issue in more than 2 lessons, we may then suggest that you pause taking any more lessons until you get your wifi-connectivity resolved, otherwise it can become disruptive in your learning.

Do you offer money-back refund guarantee?

Satisfaction of our clients is imperative, which is why we particularly recommend first doing a single lesson with us - to ensure you are fully happy with your investment before then purchasing a full 3, 5 or 10 lesson Package. 

But, if after your 1st paid-lesson you are still not satisfied, we will refund the full course-costs of the full amount you have paid.  This would have to be requested in writing, via email, before you have progressed into taking a 2nd paid-lesson.

Is there any cancellation fee if I need to reschedule at short notice (i.e. less than 24 hours beforehand)?

No - because we appreciate that the majority of our clients are fitting their lessons outside of their professional schedules.  So we are sympathetic to clients' needing to occasionally reschedule at short notice.  However, if the short-notice cancellation happens on 2 occasions or more, we may need to consider applying cancellation-fee, but would always give advance-warning of that happening first.

Do you teach to children?

No.  We teach only to 18+ students.